Who needs a gigantic lobby, waterfalls, or floor-to-floor slides?
Okay, the slides sound awesome,
but we know our guests and while we may not be able to fulfill your childlike fantasies,
we aim to provide all the little things that will make you forget you’ve even left home.
Each Orange location is unique in their offering but rest assured that each location makes the best of its surroundings by providing facilities that truly meets your needs,
whatever they may be.

  • Apple iMac Apple iMac
  • Coffee machine Coffee machine
  • Fast charge Area Fast charge Area
  • Self-service laundry Self-service laundry (Ximen Hanzhong, Wenhua Chiayi)
  • Sparkling water machine Sparkling water machine (Ximen Taipei, Ximen Hanzhong)
  • Self-service Microwave Self-service Microwave (Ximen Hanzhong)