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Quarantine Hotel/Ximen Taipei

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Starting Today ~ Quarantine Hotel at Your Service
Starting today, Orange Hotel Ximen Taipei will join the ranks of quarantine hotels in coordination with government policy. We aim to provide Taiwans citizens and travelers with safe, clean, and comfortable accommodations during stay-at-home quarantine and contribute in the fight against the global pandemic.

All 59 guestrooms of Orange Hotel Ximen Taipei have passed the governments stringent standards in disinfection, anti-pandemic protocols, and staff training for use as a quarantine hotel. The provided dining options include good variety and diverse flavors with breakfast options including Asian or western, lunch being lunchboxes or delicacies served by notable local restaurants, and dinner meals served by our affiliate Howard Plaza Hotel.

All staff at the hotel will undergo anti-pandemic and disinfection training. Guests under quarantine will have access to designated stairs, daily temperature readings, and professional waste disposal. Once guests check-out, the rooms are cleared for 1 day before they are disinfected by a professional staff. Our comprehensive quarantine protocols ensure that guests enjoy the utmost safety during their stay.
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Stay for eight days to get
Quarantine Taxi Fare subsidy 
Three meals will be served daily at designated time and rubbish collection Simple shopping service
at nearby convenience store

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Professional disinfection Complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi Warm, efficient service and entertainment organised by Beta Team

Quarantine measures for arrivals

mandatory quarantine

Orange Hotel Ximen 
  • High-speed WiFi and Google Chromecast rental.
  • Enjoy audiovisual with free movies and music.
  • Own decision of include/ exclude meals at low cost with no burden.

Event Period
From now through 31 AUGUST 2022
Discounted Room Rates
Orange Guestroom
13 M²
From $2,600
Single Bed / Bunk Bed
3 Meals included
Window ✓
Orange Guestroom

  1. The rate above is deducted for " National Identification Card(Taiwan) holders " or " Resident certificate for the Taiwan area " who are eligible for the government's subsidy​. NT$500 will be added to Non-nationals per night.
  2. Children under 18 years old and elders above 65 years old who need special assistance allow to stay in the same room.
  3. There will be an additional extra person fee of NT$800 per night (meals included) / NT$500 per night (meals excluded). Children under 6 years old are free of charge (meals excluded.) ※Amenities and OFY Quarantine Care Kit offers to those who paid extra person fee.
  4. The price for foreign teachers and students is available at NT$2,800 (student ID or staff ID must be presented)

Dining Options
  • Breakfast: Options include Asian / Western - style foods.
  • Lunch: Lunch boxes or other delicacies served by notable local restaurants.
  • Dinner: Meal boxes provided from Star Hotels or famous restaurants.

Room Amenities
  • Guest Room: One set of bed sheets, blanket covers, pillow cases, 3 sets of towels (bath towel, hand towel), Quarantine guests must replace their own amenities and complete self-cleaning.
  • Amenities Tray: Paper cups, mineral water, coffee, tea bags and Kettle are provided.
  • Bathroom: Items such as disposable single-use personal sanitation products and a simple cleaning set that includes disinfectant alcohol, detergent, bathroom cleaner, dishrag, dish sponge, toilet brush will be provided to guests for maintaining cleanliness.
    Remarks: If new amenities are required, they will be delivered to the shelf outside your door along with your meals.
Cleaning tools

Free OFY Quarantine Care Kit, useful from dining to binge-watching, just for you.
(A) Stainless Steel Cutlery (B) Stainless Steel Bowl  (C) Mug (D) Universal Travel Adapter
(E) Cell Phone & Tablet Stand      (F) Thermometer    (G) Open Toe Towelling Slippers (H) Taiwanese Retro Bag
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【Welcome Gift Charity Happiness Eggroll】
welcome gift

Reservation information
  • Safe and Secure Quarantine Hotel Reservation: +886-2-2311-5556
    Address: No.166-2, Sec.1,Zhonghua Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 10846, Taiwan
    Contact: Zoey Yang (Assistant Manager) +886-933-876-558
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