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No.17 Gong Yuan Rd., Taichung City 40046, Taiwan
Service Hours:Mon ~ Fri 09:00 ~ 18:00


Located at the very heart of Taichung City, Orange Hotel Taichung Park is adjacent to the Taichung Park of a hundred year's history, Taichung Railway Station, the ZhongHua Night Market, Zihyou Road business district and the Chungyo Department Store. The good location indulges yourself with a variety of local attractions within easy reach.


  • (1) National High Way No. 1 → exit at the Daya Interchange → Zhongqing Road →  Gongyuan Road
  • (2) Exit at the Zhonggang System Interchange → Taiwan Avenue→ turn left to Wuchang Road → turn right to Gongyuan Road

High speed railway

  • THSR Taichung Station → free shuttle bus → exit at the Taichung Park stop → 5 minutes of walk ( across from the Taichung Park )
    Taiwan High Speed Rail


  • Exit at the Taichung Station → 10 minutes of walk ( across from the Taichung Park )
    Taiwan Railways


  • (1) Ubus or Kuokuang Bus → exit at the main stop of the train station
  • (2) Hohsin, Freego, or Aloha bus → exit at the Ganchiang Station and walk for 10 minutes ( across from the Taichung Park )


  • Ching-Chuang-Kang Airport → 40~50minute taxi ride for about NT$ 550
    Taichung Airport


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