• Q1.Does Orange Hotel provide hourly rest services?+

    No, we hope to create the most comfortable and pure accommodation environment.
  • Q2.Do you provide luggage storage services?+

    Luggage can be kept next to the front desk.
  • Q3.How long has Orange Hotel been in operation?+

    We launched in 2004 and are currently entering our 14th year.
  • Q4.Do you provide free parking?+

    Free parking is available in the Park branch in Taichung.
  • Q5.Are there bathtubs in the bathrooms?+

    Yes, each branch has different types of rooms equipped with bathtubs. Please call or e-mail ahead of time to reserve.
  • Q6.What is the core spirit of Orange Hotel?+

    Our core spirit is " Let's go anywhere ". Orange Hotel strives to provide accommodations that are comfortable, safe, and convenient for our guests. We also encourage guests to explore the beautiful sights unique to Taiwan.
  • Q7.Do you provide Wi-Fi ?+

    All branches provide free unlimited Wi-Fi.
  • Q8.How do I get to the hotel?+

    Ximen Taipei
    Guanqian Taipei
    Kaifeng Taipei
    Linsen Taipei
    Park Taichung
    Wenhua Chiayi
  • Q9.Can we add a person to the room? Is there a surcharge?+

    Only the Park branch in Taichung allow additional guests at a fee of NT$400 per person.
  • Q10.Is breakfast included? What do you serve?+

    See the breakfast page for more detailed information.
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